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Following TEDxHyderabadSalon event on water conservation, a passionate group of volunteers, water experts and rainwater harvesting professionals embarked on a major drive to get 10K borewell recharge structures built this summer-2016! This idea was sparked from a conversation with Subhash Reddy of SMARAN NGO. Envisions recharging the deep aquifers that are being sucked dry!

Experts are of the opinion that about half of the city water supply is met by these deep borewells that we are drawing water from, but not recharging. The surface rainwater seepage does not reach the deep aquifers given the rocky terrain in the city. In effect, we are drawing water that has been stored over thousands of years, without recharging it, leading to drying up of borewells

Alarmingly, we are staring at the problem of borewells stopping to yield water completely in some years. We, the citizens of Hyderabad have to recharge those aquifers really fast to avoid a major calamity!

If you are working on filter based terrace recharge and are interested in volunteering for this campaign, then you need to

Spread the word and encourage small homes to do it themselves

List sources for filters and for getting the installation done

List resources for consulting and/or execution for larger homes (>1200 sq. feet)


To sponsor contact any of our core members,or email to info@saheindia.in


We accept donations through Demand Drafts & Cheques. Write us at info@saheindia.in

If you are a corporate, an NGO or social initiative and would like to create and impace, get in touch with us: +91 40 64443333