Introduction - Blue Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the 21 cities running out of groundwater in 2020. We need aggressive action and implementation now! There aren’t enough Rainwater Harvesting structures.
BlueHyderabad is a Social initiative by The Rainwater Project partnering with SAHE to improve ground water levels in the city block by block which also involve restoration of water bodies and water structures. The foundation of this project is built on the idea of conserving water, protecting natural resources from depletion and help in implementing water conservation through water bodies restoration and common area rainwater harvesting with CSR grants and fundraisers.
As part of this initiative, Hyderabad is divided into 98 watersheds. Water conservation efforts are being initiated in the heart of hitech city-The most densely populated area with the support of local communities, government agencies, concerned citizens, students, academic institutions, NGOs, Corporate Groups and others. After demonstrating processes and results in these basins, the Rainwater Project intends to reach out to all other basins in the city and eventually making the city of Hyderabad water positive.
Also inspires action-driven awareness among communities/societies, students and volunteers to create a larger impact around concepts of rainwater management and its implementation.
Blue Hyderabad aims to achieve water self-reliance through sustainable water management practices and help build water sustainable cities.

The Blue Hyderabad Run aims to build large level awareness and fundraise for ongoing water restoration projects. We are partnering with 360 degree life (title sponsor) supported by HYSEA, United Way, MAUD, Government of Telangana. For any sponsorships or donations contact us at 9885285382, 6305035808.

Running Route Guide

The Blue Hyderabad Run will be flagged off from the entrance of Gachibowli indoor stadium. From there we will be continuing towards Kudikunta lake, rejuvenated by SAHE, Masjidbanda from the Masjidbanda Circle.

The next point which is the endpoint of 5k run will be a large diameter irrigation well which is restored by The Rainwater Project in Seshadri Marg.

5 K Runners will have a shuttle service provided from the Kondapur well back to the start point , entrance of the Gachibowli Stadium

For the 10k run, we’ll be following the same route back until Old Mumbai highway and take a U-turn at IIIT Hyderabad Circle to reach the last point i.e Gachibowli indoor Stadium where we started the run.